What are your excuses stopping you from doing?

We live in an excuse ridden society. Fact. We choose to not try because the competition is “too fierce”. We choose to not go any further because we like what we’re familiar with. We choose to see the glass as half empty instead of full.


The evidence is all around us. We have people not wanting to get jobs because it’s “beneath” them. They’re worth more apparently. What they fail to acknowledge is: worth is earned, not given. Barring very rare exceptions, most great achievers started out with as little as you or I……in fact, many had less. 

What did they do?

They worked with what they had until the fruits of their work were harvested, which then allowed them to repeat the process on a grander scale. It’s meticulous application. Nowadays though, meticulous application is something that’s seen as mock-able; you’re just an obsessed weirdo as opposed to someone carving out a future, a legacy.

This attitude applies to fitness as much as any department of life. Anyone who has worked in the industry will know just how much of an excuse cauldron it is. You’ve only got to tell someone who’s half squatting to go a little deeper, and rather than try and drop down that extra inch or two, you get told that they’re not built to squat that deep, they don’t need to and/or it’s too hard. Work on your damn mobility then! You could squat ass to the grass as a baby, we all could.

Anyone whose ever instructed a group exercise class will see this like a recurring nightmare – those who smile their way through looking like they’re on vacation. It’s these same people that corner you complaining of not looking different, of not losing weight, of wanting more. It’s like they expect a medal for turning up. Here’s the deal: The instructor is there to coach you and motivate you, but he/she cannot make you crave and seek the progression and aggression that you need to unleash when doing these classes.

The wise will be meticulous. They’ll pay attention to technique, to the amount of reps they do at each station in a circuit’s class. They’ll try and better it over time. They’ll see a little sweat on the floor in front of them and know the process is on its way to working.

And most of all, nobody wants to hear it. Nobody. Nobody cares a hoot about your whining, moaning, whinging and complaining. They’re convinced they’re worse than you anyway. It’s an epidemic. All they’re doing while you rave on is waiting for their turn to outdo you on the victim scale.

Fuck that.

Why not tell them the reasons for your own issues are you and your behaviour alone. Even “unlucky” situations are made or unmade by our reactions to them. For every person that survives a fall, there’s 10 that stayed face down in the mud. I guess a 10-1 ratio isn’t a bad thing, I mean there isn’t enough room for that many great people in our world anyway.

Excuse making is a victory and success repellent. Suck it up and keep going. Be relentless. You get what you DESERVE.

Oh, and rather than email me telling me how wrong I am, try using your grievance to catapult you into something productive for once – do the thing you know you should be doing but keep chickening out of. Anger dulls the feeling of fear. Exploit it.



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  1. Boy you must be having a bad day :). I completely agree with you though. So many fitness people go to the gym to been seen, not to work out. Very frustrating. But I do what I need to for me and don’t worry about the rest.


    1. Believe it or not, I wasn’t that hacked off when I wrote this post 🙂 I just let my day’s observations come out in words.

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  2. Ray Shonk says:

    I fully understand this post!!


  3. jlstanding says:

    “Excuse making is success repellent” – totally


  4. Bomb man! great take on excuses. attitude plus effort plus time = success. daily habits make you who you are. Are your habits excuses or not?


    1. Thanks for enjoying my mini rant. If only more people could read/hear it – especially the people it’s aimed at!


    1. Knew you’d enjoy it Jim 😉

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  5. Calvin Williamson says:

    Great article! Too many people use excuses instead of chasing their dreams. However, I think this is the result of being oppressed by our teachers and employers over the years. Nobody is taught how to think freely in our over-structured society – we have to learn that sh*t ourselves.


    1. Thanks for reading Calvin. Yes, we are pretty much taught to do what we’re told and do what everyone else does. As a result we get people with no ambition, no initiative and people feeling they’re not worth more.

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  6. Ian says:

    Good point.. I’ve been way to heavy on the excuses this year, my fitness sucks as a result and I’m miserable. Thanks for the arse kick


    1. You can count on me, Ian! Get your act together. Use your time as wisely as possible and give as much as you can! Fitness is a precursor to success in all other departments in life.Make this a double arse kick 🙂


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